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SecuruCon e-Business Solutions are based on modular ERP approach to cater all modern business needs. SecuruCon e-Business Solutions for a particular organization are implemented as a set of pre engineered software or integrated modules which are then configured to meet our client's particular process or business needs.

Generic Modules of SecuruCon e-Business Solution are divided into five functional sectors which generally support every business environment. Furthermore there are specialized modules catering specific requirement of particular industry like health care, manufacturing units, hotels/real estate etc, We have tailor made specialized modules for the industries along with that we also design custom modules for our clients to meet their specific requirements.

SecuruCon e-Business Solutions can be implemented on web-server to be accessed globally using internet, access is restricted through usernames, passwords and access rights. Alternatively, it can be implemented on a local network.
The front-end design including dashboards, reports and forms is completely responsive and can be accessed on PC, Laptop, Tablet and Smartphones with full functionality. Android, Microsoft and iOS apps are also available for certain operations.

Generic Modules

Modules of SecuruCon e-Business Solutions are classified in five functional sectors of SecuruCon e-Business Solutions. These sectors are generic nearly to all organizations with different names at times. The important aspect to note here, is that this functional sectorization is virtual for the sake of ease of understanding, modules can be listed in any sector of their kind like payroll is often listed in accounts or finance similarly, in some organizations purchases/procurement is often the administration module.

Despite of a separate reporting module, reporting features are included in nearly all the modules. Distinctive reporting module deals with only the scheduling and forwarding the reports also it can be used for reporting admin, who will have access to reports only.

  • Accounting and Finance

    Accounting and Finance includes the maintenance of accounting, budgeting, payable, receivables, accounting generic books, journals and reports. Invoicing deals with Sales receivable invoice generation, purchase payable invoicing and bills etc.

    Automatic Reconciliation function for analytical and bank accounts is also provided in this module which can be executed anytime or scheduled daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.

  • Operations Management

    This functional sector includes project management module which is used to manage any work under defined scope, time and resources, like Plant startup, or shutdown or installation of some new machinery or construction of a new building etc. SecuruCon e-Business Solutions divides it into phases further divide it in tasks. HR, Accounts, Inventory and Procurement are integrated with it.

    Inventory and warehousing solution includes complete supply chain procedures, and stocking rules, integrated with Accounts, Procurement and Manufacturing.

    Procurement deals with vendor management, maintenance/supply contract management, purchases management, integrated with nearly all the modules.

    Manufacturing Management deals with manufacturing products and by products. Initiated by Manufacturing order, performs resource/raw material allocation, time management and HR management during the manufacturing process. It is integrated fully with accounts, procurement, warehouse/inventory and HR.

  • Sales Management

    Sales Management is a hallmark of SecuruCon e-Business Solutions, it includes

    Client Relationship Management which starts with the lead identification, maturity and till the sales. It’s a complete suite for managing client organizations and individuals.

    Point of Sales updates the available stock, accounts and finances about the sales. Generally can be termed as a complete application installed on cash counter updating sales, stocks and receivables instantly. Some of our clients use Point of Sales as smartphone app for their field salespersons to update the sales of their products while in the field, it also helps them to identify the shortage and time of availability of any of their for sale products.

    Sales Management deals with the sales invoicing, contracts, quotations and sell-able stock inventory management.

  • HR Management

    The basic HR Management module involve attendance management assisted by Fingerprint/RFID attendance machines, along with that Employees record which manages employment contracts, employee information, designation and salary details.

    Recruitment Management deals with all the aspects of recruitment from advertisement to shortlisting candidates, interviews, job offers, contracts and custom hiring procedures.

    Payroll and Expense Management integrated with Accounts, manage the payroll procedures, expense entries, salary rules, deductions and commissions etc.

    Appraisal and Performance management deals with the performance evaluation of employees along with its appraisals promotions etc.

  • Support Functions

    Support Functions include;

    Fleet management to manage the squad cars and car rentals etc.

    Event management basically initiates an project with event management template or considerations.

    Chat and notes is the hallmark of SecuruCon e-Business Solutions, on every document the official communication through email or SecuruCon e-Business Solutions is recorded on SecuruCon e-Business Solutions and visible to all those who have rights defined to see the communication regarding warehouse stock, manufacturing order, purchase order, hiring or firing employee or project phase etc.

SecuruCon e-Business Solutions Integration

All the functional sectors of SecuruCon e-Business Solutions are integrated completely with each other. For example; if Sales function generate a sales.

Warehouse is checked for the stock, if out of stock, manufacturing order or RfQ (Request for Quote) is generated, for the product. Simultaneously Accounts are checked for the funds available and required funds are assigned.

For manufacturing according to the Bill of Materials, RfQ are generated for approval and to be issued to vendors/suppliers for raw material, if not in the stock. Human Resources are assigned to the manufacturing order, if configured their work hours are posted as expense in manufacturing account. Receivables and Payable are automatically logged into the accounts and finance solutions.

All the functional areas are interlinked together and work on British double entry system, that makes the process immune to errors.

On itself the generic model of SecuruCon e-Business Solutions provides a complete software solution to cater modern business needs.

Specialized Variants of SecuruCon e-Business Suite

In addition to the generic modules discussed above, SecuruCon e-Business Solutions come with some specialized modules targeting the specific business requirements, like room management for Hotels, or doctor, patient or ward administration for Healthcare organization, or Bill of Materials for manufacturing units.

We have ready made customize-able solutions available for the following industries, we can always tailor a solution for your organization even if it is listed under the following businesses or belong to a different business segment.

  • The Health Information Management Solution is crafted to meet the unique requirements of healthcare industry. Accuracy and availability of information is key to this domain’s success. Our solution ensures this with the 3 key modules
    Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
    Hospital Information System (HIS)
    Health Information System
    The centralized module will allow faster, precise access to patient records that will help doctors to move in quickly in case of emergency situation. The automated systems also helps the hospital to be more productive at lower costs.

    Some of the features are listed below, you can contact us for detailed information and demonstration;

    Key Features:

    • 14183 pre-configured diseases  categorized in 284 categories as per ICD10 standard. New can be added easily.
    • 72589 pre-configured medical procedures. New can be added easily.
    • 17 pre-configured lab test specimen types with pre configured tests. New can be added easily.
    • 375 pre-configured Medicament. New can be added easily.
    • 4298 pre-configured genetic risks. New can be added easily.
    • 58 pre configured Medical Specialties. New can be added easily.
    • Medical centers, wards and beds administration.
    • Outdoor patients supports appointments, patient information and suggested procedures.
    • In Patient registration includes patient admission, medicines/prescription record, Lab tests and nursing and discharge plan.
    • Complete inventory of instruments is archived with the resource they are assigned to.
    • Adding patient ICU information like Mechanical ventilation History , Admission Date etc.
    • Calculating Electrocardiography ( ECG ).
    • Calculating Acute Physiology and Chronic Health evaluation 2 ( APACHE 2 ) score.
    • The new born details like Baby’s Name , gender , Length , Cephalic Perimeter , Weight , Date of birth , doctor in charge etc are maintained.
    • Neonatal Signs and Symptoms like Meconium, Positive Barlow, Talipes Equinovarus, Transversal Palmar Crease, Syndactyly etc are maintained.
    • Neonatal Reflex Check details like Grasp Reflex, Swimming Reflex, Babinski Reflex, Moro Reflex, Sucking Reflex etc are maintained.
    • APGAR Score of the Child is maintained.
    • Invoice creation for Lab test , Appointments , Prescriptions.
    • Automatic Entries in the Balance sheet.
  • The SecuruCon e-Business Solutions with integrated Hotel Management module lets you easily manage room availability, inventory, and personnel data. Moreover, if your business empire spans across multiple hotels, you can get a centralized single view of occupancy, revenue per available room and other supply-demand metrics that dictate the performance of your hotels.

    Comprehensive Setup

    • Linking of individual amenities to individual rooms.
    • Provision to define rates for each of the amenity/ services associated with given rooms.
    • Definition of restaurant tables with individual capacity.
    • Defining Food Item Categories/ Food items served in the restaurants with Sales, Purchase price.
    • Defining Rates/ packages based on the length of stay or number of persons.

    Smart Front Desk Management:

    • Easy capture of inquiries on room booking with all necessary information from the live portal.
    • New guest arrival details – real time recording.
    • Provision to arrange Pick-Up & Drop facility (Chargeable/ Non Chargeable).
    • Room Booking Dashboard in order to have a clear and quick glance of booking status across the hotel.
    • One-stop Billing Clearance facility.

    Seamless Booking Procedures:

    • Provision to book hotel rooms through Draft, Confirmed stages.
    • Facility to select multiple rooms in one order.
    • Room Booking Folio creation at the time of, actual arrival of the guests.
    • Linking of all the chargeable services availed by the customer during stay for billing purpose.

    All-round Restaurant Management:

    • Table Reservation.
    • Capturing of advance lunch/ dinner order for Pre Booked table.
    • Capturing Table Order for walk in customer.
    • Generation of online Kitchen Order Tickets (KOT).
    • Generation of restaurant bills & linking to Accounts Module.

    Smooth functioning of House Keeping:

    • Customized House Keeping Activity categories.
    • Full-fledged Activity schedule for housekeepers – with department and timesheet link.
    • Ensuring optimum utilization of housekeeping resources.
    • Capturing vital timestamps and remark of the supervisor.
    • Maintaining a Separate work flow for the Repair Works.

    Productive Laundry Management:

    • Provision to define customized Laundry Services (Internal/ Third Party).
    • Fulfill room wise laundry request &ensure timely collection.
    • Defining rates for various Laundry services offered.
    • Linking of Laundry bills with hotel booking invoice.

    High Quality Event Management / Banquet Hall:

    • Booking of Banquet halls for various functions.
    • View of past bookings to determine availability.
    • Creating customized package for each function.
    • Assigning tasks related to each Event / Function.
    • Billing for Banquet Hall booking and other chargeable services.

    Inventory Management:

    • Creation of project from Approved Banquet quotation.
    • Flexibility of Assigning Tasks to either internal user or to Third Party.
    • Close monitoring on overdue tasks to minimize wastage and loss of time.
    • Audit Reports with option to capture Auditor remark on incomplete tasks.
    • Grading system for each task, based on the quality of work.
    • Supplier Bill deductions based on grades by auditors.
  • SecuruCon e-Business Solutions Manufacturing Unit Management Solution helps manufacturers especially those that operate within a different mode (process, discrete, repetitive, etc.) environment—design, manufacture, and distribute products in a timely fashion; use appropriate processes that optimize resources; material, machinery, tools etc and satisfy the expectations about quality and delivery.


    Material Resource Planning manages the auto procurement for production. It can also be set with minimum quantity.

    With advanced features such as Master Production Schedule, it does Advanced Planning and Scheduling. Resources can be scheduled well in advanced against Order or Against Make to Stock. It comes with a neat Gantt chart which visualizes the load on resources and completion of the production.

    It comes with Real Time Inventory Valuation. Journal entries against Manufacturing Orders are posted consisting of Material cost, Work Centres cost and Labor cost.

    Master Production Schedule – Make to Stock

    Master Production Schedule module is designed to help manufacturers develop an attainable schedule while balancing internal constraints and limited resources and achieving Advanced Planning and Scheduling. MPS for Make to Stock enables to Schedule the production against stock. MPS balances machine capacity and acknowledges labor to develop a realistic plan of action to move production through various operation steps. The user benefit is that generated schedules are realistic and achievable on the plant floor because the production constraints on the plant floor are considered and modeled.

    MPS -Make To Order

    Master Production Schedule module is designed to help manufacturers develop an attainable schedule while balancing internal constraints and limited resources and achieving Advanced Planning and Scheduling. MPS for Make to Order enables to Schedule the production against Sales Orders. MPS balances machine capacity and acknowledges labor to develop a realistic plan of action to move production through various operation steps of Sales Orders to be delivered and gives the realistic delivery dates. The user benefit is that generated schedules are realistic and achievable on the plant floor because the production constraints on the plant floor are considered and modeled.

  • A Warehouse Management System (WMS) is the backbone to any business that requires an inventory management system. SecuruCon e-Business Solution for Warehouse Management automates the process of dealing with all departments such as accounting, inventory management and CRM. It seamlessly tracks inventory items – picked, packed and shipped.

    Revolutionary double entry inventory
    Decrease your process times, automate transactions, reduce your stock levels and get complete trace-ability on all operations with the SecuruCon e-Business Solutions double entry inventory system.
    Nothing is lost, everything is moved
    Based on the concept of double entry that revolutionized accounting, SecuruCon e-Business Solutions inventory management isn’t about consumption, loss or missing products; products are just moved from one location to another. This allows full trace-ability (from customer to supplier, not limited to your warehouse), advanced reporting (e.g. inventory valuation on manufacturing counter-parts locations) and a very simple user interface.
    Upstream and downstream, lots and individual
    Keep an eye on all your stock by tracking all your past and future inventory transactions. Track in detail all stock moves, not only in your warehouse but also within your double entry accounting (customers, suppliers or manufacturing locations). Browse through the upstream or downstream trace-ability flows to have a clear vision of what happened to a specific product or lot.
    Fine-tune procurement methods according to your need
    Reduce your stock while always staying replenished. In SecuruCon e-Business Solution, you can setup minimum stock rules to have automatic procurement with the right quantities computed to get to the optimum level specified. Get rid of the stress of your stock and let the system do it for you.
    Track Serial Numbers
    Assign serial numbers at every step of your goods inwards or delivery flow. SecuruCon e-Business Solutions handles production lots (batches of identical products) or logistic lots (pallets, boxes, etc) to help you get full upstream or downstream trace-ability.
    Scale your Warehouse with ease
    Manage your own internal and external locations, customers, suppliers or manufacturing inventories with the SecuruCon e-Business Solutions multi-warehouse management system based on a hierarchical location structure.
    Analyse your warehouse efficiency and improve performance
    Design custom dashboards to get a picture of your warehouse efficiency at a glance. Dig deeper with real-time reports that anyone can create and share.
  • The shopping experience of your customer becomes memorable when you help him/ her check out faster and avoid long waiting queues.

    This is precisely where SecuruCon e-Business Solutions automated retail shops solution delivers true value. With capabilities in e-PoS built into this SecuruCon e-Business PoS Solution, your customers get to enjoy shorter time at your retail establishment and still remain highly satisfied with your servicing.

    Now, make business decisions with help of near real time data available anytime, anywhere, on any smart device. This helps you customize your servicing based on your customers shopping behavior at the checkout counter.

    SecuruCon e-Business Solutions online Point of Sale Solution introduces a super clean interface with no installation required that runs online and offline on modern hardware.
    Its full integration with the company inventory and accounting gives you real time statistics and consolidations across all shops without the hassle of integrating several applications.

    Some of the features are;

    Handling capability of multiple orders at a time.

    Scale-able from single shop single warehouse to multiple shops multiple/single warehouse.

    Real-time stock information at each Point of Sales.

    Offers Multiple Payment Methods.

    Works offline and online.

    Integration with Bar Code readers, Cash register machines, Card Readers and Touch screens.

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