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Medical Education in Pakistan

SecuruCon Systems conducted a research survey using online social media, in the research we surveyed from several qualified doctors and medical postgraduate and undergrad students, all studied from Pakistan and most of them are serving in Pakistan. The article discusses the problems pertaining to the Medical Education in Pakistan (Surveyed) and how SecuruCon Education Management System can solve these.

Nearly 85% of the participants agreed that medical post-graduation studies specially while doing residency is quite difficult to manage, either you end up loosing the practical side or having deficiencies in the theoretical grasp of the required knowledge. The Idea of online educational aids can really solve the problem. SecuruCon Education Management System (SCEMS) provides the students study material online shared by their teacher/peers, aid their collaboration around the subject and ensure their participation in academic activities like quizzes, assignments.

Nearly all agreed that it is quite annoying to carry the books and notes all the day through the different departments to ensure that they can refer it if in any case they get chance to refer. Instead if they have a shared online resources, they can access that through even their smartphones.

Nearly 70% of the participants say that collaborative study is quite helpful while studying for MBBS, and most of the times it becomes nearly impossible to collaborate, they use SMS and WhatsApp for collaboration with limited functionality. There’s always a need of a system that works from their smartphone, log the collaboration and present it to the someone looking for answers, there should also be the functionality to post questions to it and whenever or whoever free and knows the solution, will share. Using online websites have the problem of authenticity. If such solution is managed by the Hospital/Institute and collaborators are the peers/class fellows, teachers, it will be extremely helpful, and with the passage of time will form a valuable source of knowledge. These all functionalities are provided by the SecuruCon Education Management System (SCEMS).

Nearly 64% of the participants agreed that lecture notes are required even after lectures as the notes the students take during the lecture miss out some important aspects as their importance is not known while during lecture, later nearly always they require to refer the notes, but they are unavailable. In order to distribute the knowledge and keep its effectiveness and originality intact, lecture notes designed by the lecturer are always needed, and if available online securely to the students, despite of saving their time, it stops misconceptions developing in their mind through the non-verified  online material or non-moderated forums. SecuruCon Education Management System (SCEMS), provides teachers a distinctive space divided in lecture topics/weeks in which they can share notes, online reference material, start graded/ungraded discussion forums around the topic, assignments and quizzes. Which help students during the course and later when they prepare for the examination.

Nowadays nearly 50% of the medical examination consists of Multiple/Best Choice Questions, all the survey participants agreed that solvable sample question pools of MCQ’s and BCQ’s help a lot while preparing for the exams. They do find some in the study material and reference material but that has limitations when it comes to practice again and again and see the improvement. SecuruCon Education Management System (SCEMS) provide functionality for the teachers to add questions to the pools, categorized in different subjects, topics and subtopics, so at the end of a questionnaire, student will have the idea which specific topic needs more study. Also, these questions once added can be pulled easily for class quizzes or pre-professional exams.

The basic niche of SecuruCon Education Management System (SCEMS) is its 24×7 availability and personalized work-space for each student, teacher and administrator. It help teachers to design activities (like quizzes/assignments, Discussion topic for group discussions, Lecture Notes, Blogs, etc) for students in the small pockets of time they get in their busy schedule. At the same time it allows students to prepare and submit their assignments online even from their smartphones, read lectures, access the supporting media (like videos, wikipedia articles, online forums and blogs) shared by the teacher, lecture notes, participate in group discussions they can even attempt practice or class quizzes on SecuruCon Education Management System (SCEMS). Its reporting and grading feature grades the assignments and quizzes as per the criteria pre configured by the teacher and provide the results to the teachers and students nearly instantaneously. It reduces the teaching load from the teacher and increases the transparency in grading while providing student a mean to assess their attempt critically.

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